Mastitis and Milk

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    Aug 1, 2013
    Bringing this separate subject off of a udder health thread as this may be a better place for it...

    I've been treating suspected mastitis in my Jersey cow. We had a positive CMT from the vet BUT that was 7-days post calving so may have been a false negative. Her back quarters are staying clear and I'm seeing improvement in the front two but still feeling some small lumps in the front quarters. I have a CMT testing kit in the mail so I can test and retreat if needed. New question though - is it safe to be drinking her milk? We drink our milk raw, but if it needed heat-treating could convert to soft cheese or yoghurt. We had her dry for 2 1/2 months before calving so I'm desperate to use all this lovely milk I'm getting each day but wasn't sure if it is safe to drink milk if it's possible she has mastitis? I've been throwing it all away which is miserable. I know I have to toss it when I treat her but I'm unsure about whether I can drink what I'm getting now or whether the possibility of a mastitis infection makes it unsafe. Anyone know?
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    Maybe heat treat until you know.