Mastitis? Not Sure

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    Aug 27, 2014
    Hi All!

    Momma Goat kidded Friday to everyone's surprise (didn't know she was prego - story later). Two small seemingly healthy babies were born with good suck instinct and wagging tales. One was severely bowlegged but straightened out beautifully over first three days -gave momma lots of veggies high in selinium to help strengthen baby's weak hind legs.

    Friday/Saturday, I didn't notice udder problem. Did notice Momma vocalizing a lot to babies all the time and appearing very stressed... she was also pooping like a large dog those two days in one giant lump at times but normal other times (lots of pellet sized poopies). Didn't visit Sunday and Monday (I don't live with goats anymore but they are looked after) and today (Tuesday) saw one udder bag much larger than other with very swollen pinkish teat -don't know if its hot to the touch... tried to check but she wouldn't let me (will get someone to hold her for me tomorrow and check). Babies are drinking more from that udder than the other but Momma pushes them away at times -maybe she's in much pain. I think babies are getting enough milk but will monitor. How can I tell with babies? I just look for wagging tales and decent energy level.

    My local goat vet is out of the country this week for family emergency, but I can call a generalist if necessary for antibiotics. I'm in Rwanda, so there will be no lab work and no meds beyond basics. What can I do naturally without lab work and vet intervention to check for mastitis or other possible problems? Just now, I read online to look for frothy live milk, lumps in teat, blood, but want more advice. I have never milked Momma Goat (and she is ornery and hates being touched), but should I massage/milk her huge swollen teat/udder and discard the milk? Do I milk half or "strip out" if I find blood or lumps in teat? Is it dangerous to leave her udder too full of milk? It's huge but not enormous as in some pictures I've seen on the net illustrating mastitis.

    I'll try to get a pic tomorrow. Meanwhile, any quick advice would be welcome -I am a goat newbie and these are my rescued pets. I can't get things like dolomite, peppermint oil, or tea tree oil easily. Can I use medicated bag balm -you know in the green square tin (I have on hand) or will it be dangerous to babies? I don't want to bottle feed as I can't be there round the clock. What about warm compresses and how to make with green tea or just plain water? What foods to give?


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    Be TT h, the first thing you need to do is try to milk her out. It could be something as easy as a clogged teat. Some have a nice wax plug and it is hard to get it out. Massage that side week with warm water compressed and if you have done lavender oil or peppermint oil. Massage her wrlk and try to milk that side. If you get the plug out hold her and make a baby nurse from that side.

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    Thanks for that very prompt and helpful reply! Let's hope it's just that. I will update later.

    Also, like how you wrote my name... not sure if it was intentional but looks like beeeh... as in goat bleat. ; )
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    I agree... get her milked out...sometimes babies like one side more then the other and so the other side gets too full...can cause swelling red and pain!.Milk her out pretty well then teach one of babies to nurse from that side

    best wishes
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    Aug 27, 2014
    All Better...

    Thanks for the good advice. I did nothing and the problem resolved on its own -probably the babies sucked out whatever was blocking and the udder and teat returned to a normal size and is even on both sides with no redness or swelling. WHEW!!!!

    For newbees, it's hard to know when to wait and when to act fast when problems arise. In this case, it worked out and also for the baby born extremely bowlegged -she straightened out on day three and is now normal. It really helps to have such a great forum with caring and responsive people. Thanks.