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I bought a doe in the fall, and they said they weren't milking her anymore and were drying her off. I bred her, her udder seemed to go down but she never completely dried off, then she started filling up again, I figured it was from being pregnant. She never came back into heat, and I used a preg-tone on her and it tested positive.
I guess somewhere along the line she reabsorbed, because as it turned out she wasn't pregnant. as soon as I found out, I milked her right away, only to find VERY bad mastitis, I treated her for it until the California Mastitis Test came up clear, but after she is milked out, one half of her udder is twice the size of the other, not hot or hard, but it feels like tissue. Does mastitis scar?
she isn't milking heavily at all, I'm milking her once a day, and she's giving me maybe 1/2 a cup, but she won't dry up either.
Any suggestions?
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