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    Mar 12, 2009
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    My beautiful, award winning (when Lori H had her) momma, Topaz, had two babies and even before they were born (08/09) her right teat was much larger than the left. (looks sort of like an inverted bowling pin). After they were born, it was swollen even more, and hanging very low. Mastitis, I know. So, we had a vet give her some penicillin and pain relief meds. I've been milking her on that side and massaging. She's had several shots but does not seem to be getting better. HELP please. I'm very sad about it and of my four mommas (including her daughter, Maple), she's the only one that had any problems. Thanks so much.
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    Oct 4, 2007
    you need to get some "ToDAY" mastitis treatment that you infuse into the teat. TSC carries it as does Jeffers

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    Find some form of cephapirin sodium and rub it into the teat for 4-5 days. Mastitis can be chronic and and can come back the next time she kids. You can not "cure" mastitis by way of antibiotic injection just does not work. I also like tea tree oil if the skin is not badly broken.
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    That depends on a couple of things.. First, does antibiotic readily find its way into milk? Some do, some don't.. Second, if the antibiotic DOES find its way into the milk, is the infection susceptible to whatever antibiotic is being put through the udder?

    I've read before that dairy farmers use an injectable called Gallimycin (erythromycin, 100mg/ml) to treat Strep ap mastitis in their cattle.. I dunno if it's something about erythromycin in general, or specifically has to do with the formulation of Gallimycin, but it apparently reaches *very* high concentrations in milk, which means it's passing directly through the udder. Seems like I've also read the same thing about tylosin (Tylan injectable), but don't quote me on that.

    Gallimycin's cheap, too. Cheaper than tetracyclines, actually. I bought a bottle of it for myself, on account of reading that it's also supposed to be really good for UTIs, pneumonia, and that it's used as a preventative for dysentary in newborn lambs... I thought that was interesting, and cheap enough to grab a bottle to put on my shelf.

    (...some people collect stamps...some people collect old oil cans...I, apparently, collect veterinary supplies. lol...)

    I haven't cracked the seal on my bottle yet, though, so I can't say I have any first hand experience with Gallimycin. I have found goat dosages online indicating that it's to be given at a rate of 1ml/25lbs, though.

    Either way...point is, injectable antibiotics that reach high concentrations in milk might be worth exploring.
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    I told you they would know.

    I have never had to deal with it before, so I did not want to give you false information.

    Now when I had her she had kidded twice, and she had no problem, but when I sold her I sold her and her babies together, so I have no idea how things went from there.

    I was also going to say either peppermint oil or tea Tree oil, just a bit to massage,.

    I am sure you do not have a TSC. (Tractor supply center), where you are but about any farm place up there will have it or can tell you where top go to get it.

    I feel bad. She was the Grand Champion Fiber goat at the Colorado State Fair two years ago.
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    See my post under "buck needs hooves trimmed". Topaz does not have mastitis! Yea! Vet did a CMT test, said her milk looked great, told me to continue doing what I was doing - milk her out twice a day - I have peppermint oil (very expensive by the by but you don't use it w/o dilution) and actually some herbs from my acupuncturist whose wife had mastitis, took the herbs orally and w/massage and it was gone in two days. So, life is good in the Zeringue/Kuipers goat herd! Thank you all for your advice. (I did buy and use the ToDAY and it seemed to help for awhile, but she kept swelling up again since it wasn't mastitis).
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    Oct 18, 2007
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    I am so glad that she does not have the Mastitis. I was feeling really bad. I know she did not have it when I had her, but still. :cool: :leap: