May have babies sooner then i thought....

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    So i thought my first doe was due March 18th and she is looking like that will be around when she kids. I can feel babies bumping around and her ligaments are getting soft. But i was looking at one of my yearlings today and low and behold she looks even closer. trill (yes the same trill who was sick last week) is looking very close. Her due date isnt suposed to be until april 18th thats nearly six weeks away. But i can feel her baby moving like crazy her sides have dropped her ligaments are all but gone i can get my fingers just about touching under her tail bone, and she has made a very cute little FF udder. I cant remember trying to breed her anytime before the breeding date that would make her due in April. But there could be a possibility....I just didnt write them down. So now im on baby watch with her. I came home for a quick lunch today, didnt go gown to the barn because i was in a hurry but as i was driving out i slowed down and called the goats. The yearling pen comes down almost to the road but on the other side of the buck pen. I thought i saw a kid laying there but stated calling them but it was just scarlet flat out on her side sunning herself so she looked small. she raised her head to look at me like what do you want cant you see im napping?Im very anxious about this kid, hoping for a doe as trill is out of my doe who was 19th miliing yearling at nationsals (homebred doe) and my buck buster whos dam was first place three year old at nationals. trill is bred to my current herdsire apex who is out of busters dam half sister annie, who as a milking yealring was second at nationals to an almost two year old. apex's sire is the half brother to a buck i had several years ago. Truman was an awsome solid black buck but i never got any doe kids out of him.
    ok enough rambelings....
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    Well I hope you get does!!! :greengrin: :cool: When you freshen FF''s so exciting to see that beautiful udder come in! :leap:

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    this sounds exhausting make sure you drink enough :coffee2: