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    Well last year I bought 2 does already bred so I have gone threw my first kidding which was so much fun that we decided to buy a buck and do it again this year. Well Ruby is in heat today and if she takes it looks like we will have babies Febuary 4th. I am super excited. If my calculations are right and Faith didnt get bred on her last heat cycle, which was before my buck acted like he knew what he was supposed to do, then she should come in heat friday or soon after. Which I would kind of like them to kid around the same time. Last year they were 3 weeks apart. I would like both to kid the same week then the other 2, if they are big enough, to kid about a month later. I will look at them next month and decide.
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    Oct 5, 2007
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    I hope you get babies!!! Earliest I ever had a doe kid in the winter was January 23, 2008.....I knew she was bred but it was unintentional as the boys managed to get a jump while I was fixing the gate! Kids and mom did very well too.

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    I was actually hopeing for beginning of January kids but my buck wasnt working with me. These kids are for the fair in July and I want them to be as old as possible for fair kids. Ruby had kids January 13th and Faith had her kid Febuary 9th.
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    Congrats Roger! How exciting! I hope she does take :) And I know exactly what your going through, we are going through the same thing. We possibly have 3 does bred to kid -- get this --- Dec 9th, and 23rd, then Jan 2nd... LOL So if they conceived they'd be 'holiday' kids, and my kids will have fun naming them too! So far none of the does have come back into heat, and the one due on Jan 2nd would be coming into heat the last few days/next few days if she did not take. I wish we could just give them a pregnancy test...LOL
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    I know how awesome would it be if you could just go to the store and get a prego test and test your goats. Too bad you cant. All of our wethers have to be born after January 1st to be able to show at our fair so I waited till after the possible due date of the 4th to put the does in with the buck.
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    learn how to drawl blood and in a week or less and for 7.50 plus postage you can know for sure :thumb: works like a charm. Does must be at least 30 days past breeding for the test to be accurate.