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I have two MDGA registered Miniature Nubians.
For my doe I am trying to find out what generation she is… I believe that she is an F2…
SIRE: Sol-Orr's Eirc -- F1 (Generation 1)
DAM: Sol-Orr's Marleena -- F1 (Generation 1)

Does this make my doe an F2 (Generation 2)????

She has an outstanding pedigree, she fits the breed standard perfectly and she has excellent conformation (beautiful head and neck, perfect legs, great color etc.)

With that said… Will I need to breed her to another F2 (Generation 2) buck to produce F3 (Generation 3) kids; or can I breed her to an F3 etc???
Also, will these kids be MDGA registered without problem? I'm wanting to produce pure miniature nubians that exceed breed standard and have excellent conformation and great color. But I want to do this the right way, doesn't go into detail about how to breed correctly within the generations.

Any and all comments are welcome! :) Thank you!!!!

Yes Dear Goat Farm
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Copied from MDGA:

How to know what gen your mini goat is:

A 1st gen. is is the product of crossing a Nigerian Dwarf (ND) buck or a Standard sized doe (one of the recognized dairy breeds). Usually the first cross is a ND buck x Standard doe rather than the other way around.

Then if you breed a 1st gen. to another 1st gen. you have a 2nd generation. So a 2nd gen. + 2nd gen. = 3rd gen., a 5th gen. + a 1st gen. = 2nd gen. and so on.

The generation of the kid is always one generation higher than the lowest generation parent with the foundation animals (ND or Standard breed) being considered '0 generations'.

So, if you breed a 3rd gen. to a 1st gen. it is a F2. Or if you breed a 6th gen. to a 2nd gen. you would only have a 3rd gen.

Experimentals are 1st and 2nd gens. (F1, F2) Americans are 3rd-5th gen. (F3, F4, F5) if they conform to breed standards, and purebreds are 6th gens. and up if they conform to breed standards.
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