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I am adding goats to my farm from 2 different farms. I currently have 2 yearlings, I will be getting a senior buck and 2 does from one farm and 2 weanlings, doe and wether from another. I am making seperate pens, :eek: 4!
I am thinking of putting them on a medicated feed for cocci, i haven't had a problem but with so many new kids on the block I figured stress could cause an outbreak.
What are the recommendations?
I also want to feed the buck, and wether, correctly so he doesn't get any blockages. Poulin says lamb and kid starter to all, is this a good way to go?

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Congrats on your new goats!!!

Im not a fan of medicated cant be sure each is eating enough to do any good..and by under dosing causing a resistant breed of cocci... It would be better to do a five day treatment using Dimethox or sulmet..and helpful during this time of stress along with B complex and probios..

I also would not use feed that is for sheep. Sheep do not need as much Copper as goats and so creating a deficiency in the goat.

Best of luck with your new goats family
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