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  1. agilitymaster01

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    Sep 25, 2013
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    It seems like our kids grow slow, and I was wondering if it is because of the feed, or not. We give a 21% medicated pellet with alfalfa pellets, oats, and BOSS. I read somewhere that it could be coccid effecting growth, and you don't know it. Now...We are feeding the medicated feed, do we try giving DiMethox also, or no? I just don't know why it seems like they are slow growers. It is weird. I bought some goats that are the same age as some we had on our farm, and the ones we bought are larger. :scratch:

    Any suggestions?
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    It isn't your feed. How much are they getting? What is their age?
    Yes they can have cocci without the runs or smelly poo. Maybe have a fecal done? The Dimethox wont hurt them if it isn't cocci.
    There is a possibility that they are just from slower growing lines.

  3. agilitymaster01

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    Sep 25, 2013
    La Crescent, MN
    It is all of our kids. The first two we had grew fast until they reached 6 months. Then they stopped it seems. It is weird.

    We have a creep feeder for the kids. They can eat what they want for the most part. Hay, feed, mineral, water, baking soda. What age does one try the dimethox?
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    Oct 27, 2011
    Ok I'm no pro here but have been fighting this cocci crap too. Mine also were slow growers. They did great for years but one year were slow then the next a few runs.
    Any ways here's my thoughts on what your feeding. I too was adding stuff into the medicated when I figured out I was having a issue. I THINK that's what went wrong with mine the one year. Last year I just fed the medicated no added calf manna or boss and they did way better. My theory is a kid will eat X amount of grain. If it's medicated the X amount will have the correct amount of the meds needed. So if your adding other none medicated into it they are not getting the correct amount of meds. Make sense lol?? Sooooo if my thoughts are correct then either no more added grains OR you can do a prevention by treating them every 3 weeks.

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  5. Little-Bits-N-Pieces

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    Yes, if you are going to feed medicated feed don't add anything else to it. The more you add the more they will have to consume, and small kids just can't eat, say 5lbs total grain a day if they only weigh 30lbs for example.
    If you want to still feed alfalfa pellets, oats and boss, you still can, just seperately after they eat their allotted amount of the medicated feed.

    And you can treat every 21 days with DiMethox, starting when they are 21 days old if you want.
  6. happybleats

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    Personally I wouldnt feed medicated feed...its better to treat or do a preventive treatment where you know you are giving the correct amount....with medicated feed you cant be sure they are getting what they need unless you feed each kid seperate....I would do a round of dimethox or Baycox and havea fecal done to see if you need to do another round...
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    They have to eat a specific amount of the medicated feed for it to be effective. I don't stop cocci prevention meds until my kids are eating at least a pound of the medicated feed a day.

    It seems like you are feeding too much fat. Too much fat will mess up the gut bacteria by "drowning" them. Just feed the medicated pellets and not anything else.
  8. agilitymaster01

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    Sep 25, 2013
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    Ok. I will switch to just medicated pellets, and only give other stuff as treats. Next kids born will be the test. I am just having a hard time figuring out a good feed to keep weight on my goats, and a feed that is good for fast growing. I've done calf manna but it is way too $$ for the number of goats.