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So I jsut picked up my first 4 goats. We are so excited... Now for the real business to start. We know we need to do some maintenance to the goats and wanted some help with what to give them. I have been told to administer Ivermectin, but which one and what quanity. Our goats are 3 months old and also 7 months old, (two of each). Iwas told to look for the Paste, but couldnt find it, i looked up online and see a paste for horses, is what people are using. I coulndt find the paste so I bought the liquid ivermectin made by Durvet. It says something like 1ml per 22lbs. But i was also told to administer it as if they were 100lbs and the bigger ones as they were 150lbs. So i would be upping the doseage.

Next would be the Probio's paste, do you use the one for goats or the one for horses? Again what quanity to administer.

So for Diharea, i was told to give them Peptobismal, again what is the doasge?

I was also told to give them LA200 as an antibiotic, how do i know when they will need this? And how much?

I did get a thermometer and what i read and what i was told a temp of 102 is ok anything above 103 is bad.


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First, I would take a fecal sample in to the vet and have it tested and also make sure they include testing for coccidia. You shouldn't worm unless there is a problem.

Exactly which Ivomec (pour on, injectable) did you buy and what is the percentage of Ivermectin?

As far as diarrhea, you should be looking into the reason why they have diarrhea before giving anything like Pepto. You don't want to mask symptoms, you want to treat the problem.

It really depends on the problem as to what antibiotic to give. LA200 is a good general one. I get Biomycin since it stings less.

Goats regular temp is 101.5 to 103.5. So about 103.5 is having a temp.
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