Meet my fiber girls and their fluffy big brothers

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    Hey everyone, I wanted to share my starter Pygora herd. I'm a total beginner at this, so please bear with me.


    I received these girls last week, so we're still figuring each other out, though they are well-bonded to each other. It's just my husband and myself, both city kids who really only have ever had cats/dogs & a small hobby garden. We bought some land, and have lept full into homesteading during this work-from-home period.

    There are 2 girls at 10 months, 1 at 5 years, and 1 at 7 years.They were sheared in April/May. Dewormed/deloused/vaccinated shortly before sale so I have 3 months before I need to top them up.

    I also added 2 alpaca boys to the gang, one who is about 3 and one who has just been weaned at 7 months, unrelated. The older boy was bonded to the goats, and actually has shown me some incredible 'chaperone' or guardian behaviors over his little herd. The ranch where I bought everyone had a few alpaca as guardians for their various pastures and the flocks within, and they seemed wonderfully content and happy with their adopted families. Our older male positions himself between humans and his gaggle, and has wargled alerts when he hears coyotes or suspicious noises. The goats all follow him like adoring groupies, and the younger alpaca clearly loves him. The younger alpaca is very friendly, he was a bottle baby and has fond opinions of humans. The other 5 are sloooowly learning to accept human affection.

    We close the herd up in a shed barn at dusk and let them out about an hour after dawn. We have lots of coyotes in this area, so doing a pasture patrol in the morning is my routine to make sure no-one broke in overnight. I've caught coyotes checking out our property on my security cameras at dawn, so I'm on alert. So far my 6.25' pen of 2x4" no-climb with 2' of buried no-dig mesh has been working, no break ins or outs!

    We built a .25acre pen, which has some misc non-toxic trees but very little in terms of forage. Some wild mustard, but that's about it. Weeded it before the girls arrived for toxic weeds like fiddleheads etc. We installed a few auto-filler water stations at pygora level that the girls quickly learned, and have buckets of water as well. They're fed alfalfa and grass hay mix, with goat-sized pellets of barley/corn. We're still fiddling with necessary minerals, we had a soils report done so we'll soon know what we might not have in abundance (also building a house so it wasn't because of the goats but a happy coincidence). I've been giving little crushed handfuls of probios apple treats to make sure no one had an upset tummy from the change in environment, and we transitioned from their feed to ours over a few days of mixed flakes. So far everyone's poops are perfect round brown berries and everyone's peeing and I've yet to be spit on by a grumpy alpaca. Fingers crossed.



    Thanks everyone. I'm loving the slow-down goats provide. Just sitting with them chewing cud nearby is really therapeutic.
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    Awww they are so cute! So glad you are enjoying your time with them. Thanks for sharing your pictures!
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    Very nice herd! Welcome to TGS!
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    Welcome and thank you for sharing!
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    Welcome! We, too, have Alpaca and goats! We have had our Alpaca for almost 3 months and it has been wild. We have had our goats 10 months and they are truly wonderful creatures! Bossy, nosy, infuriating but wonderful! Our Alpaca are stand offish but a couple of them are warming up to us. We have only been caught in a spit fight at feeding time, and they were aiming at each other, not us. We have 6 older girls. 1 is 10, she is our herd leader. Her Mom, who is 14, then we have 3 13 year olds, not related and we have our Senior girl, who is 18. We got her free when we bought the Trio of 13 year olds from her farm for a good price. The Goat Spot has been invaluable at helping us navigate this new experience! Anything you need, someone here has experienced and will help! I am on several forums and this one is BY FAR the best!! Good luck with your little herd and I, for one, cannot wait to hear your stories!
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    Hi and welcome! I have had Pygoras for 15 years...they are fabulous and very friendly...Only thing I would tell you is that they do need to be sheared twice a year as they do not shed out...some Type A fleeces can be plucked..but that is pretty slow work. Also be sure to trim hooves about every 6 weeks, unless you have very rough, rocky ground that will help keep their hooves worn down. Congratulations!!!!
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    Welcome to the forum!
    Thanks for sharing your story and beautiful pictures!!!
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