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I brought home a new pack goat hopeful today, Pheobe a 3 yo registered Alpine doe.

I realized by the time my three kids were ready to pack I'd be a lot older! LOL I'd been looking for another goat all week and decided to just go back to the breeder I got my kids from and get this doe that I'd nearly brought home with me when I got the kids.

We took Pheobe for her first hike shortly after arriving home. She has probably never really been out of her small pen so she has a lot to learn.

She ended up in the water twice but at the 3rd crossing jumped the ditch.
[attachment=2:3svrgcn6]DSC02725 Pheobe 8-28-10 PSC8-600x480.jpg[/attachment:3svrgcn6]

We brought along Pierre to keep Pheobe company. We finally settled on his name on this hike! LOL Pheobe was very good at following and didn't seem to care much about where Pierre was.
[attachment=1:3svrgcn6]DSC02722 Pierre 8-28-10 PSC8-600x480.jpg[/attachment:3svrgcn6]

Here are Pheobe & Pierre together as we were nearing home.
[attachment=0:3svrgcn6]DSC02740 Pheobe & Pierre 8-28-10

It was an excitng day for Pheobe!


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