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As the admin and owner of this site I am striving to keep it free from those who will spam us and cause trouble. So I have the membership aproval set so that I have to aprove your membership.

Since I am a young woman who works 6 days a week I come and go from the computer depending on my schedule. I try to make sure I check my mail through the day up to the point when I leave.

Please note that I will review your membership and have you aproved ASAP when I get home (it is the first thing I do when arriving home).

I just wanted to get this out there so there is no miss understandings.

Thanks for your patience - enjoy your stay.

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So Here You Are

I also have been trying to login to GW without success so wondered what had happened. Thanks Stacy for starting this site. Even tho I don't post very often, I check out what is happening. Since joining GW we have purchased a mobile home and are remodeling it and hope to be in shortly. Also have about 20 acres fenced in and getting ready for getting some goats so maybe wont be too long before we too have some critters. Best of Luck with this site and I too will be a frequent visitor. Thanks
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