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I am posting this with permission from Larry Robinson, President of NAPgA. Some of you have asked how can you help our cause...Larry explains it below.

From Larry Robinson-

The future of NAPgA is in your hands. NAPgA needs your support, and that is evidenced by your membership. We are moving forward into a time when we will be balanced between our ability to use the National Forests, or restricted to a very small portion of the 'supposed' public lands. The test case is in the Shoshone National Forest.

We have been 'locked out' of this area for about 2 years. We are involved in the 'Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)' process to see if we can prevail and be able to use this area again. Incidentally, this is, I might add, one of the most beautiful wilderness areas in the contiguous 48. But, so far, it doesn't look very good. For whatever reason, the entire hope for the survival of the Big Horn sheep species has been laid at the feet of the goat packing community. As silly as this is, and as silly as it sounds, someone in the higher levels of the USDA, the command level of the USFS, has determined that 'this is so', and therefore, the solution to the die-offs that have occurred in the Big Horn Sheep community since the mid-1800's, are due solely to the intrusion of packgoats into their environment.

Now, to examine this more fully, you have to note that the 'intrusion' of packgoats into the Big Horn Sheep 'environment' has only been occurring in the last 10 years or so. Now, while you are digesting this hasty little bit of nonsense, remember that very, very limited numbers of packgoats have been appearing in the BHS environmental niche, and that the die-offs have been occurring since the mid-1800s, and the losses into the wild of packgoats, are extremely rare, and extremely unlikely.

So, what am I after here??

Regardless of the irrational nature of this pogram against the packgoat, and regardless of the complete lack of science to support the claims of the supposed 'DANGER' of packgoats in the BHS environment, the government is going after us with all the gloves on!

What do we need??

We need members… and we need support.

You show that by joining with us financially in order to fight the court fight that is coming.

NA PgA has reduced its spending completely in order to amass the necessary dollars to fight this undeserved attack. So whatever you contribute by your membership will not be spent unwisely. I, the treasurer, and president, am in charge of the treasury, and I have been keeping a very tight reign on what we spend so that we have enough in reserve for when the court fight rears its ugly head.

But we need you. We need your membership, and we need your support.

The bottom line is that we stand at the gap. We will either be able to continue to hike with our goats in the national forests where we chose… or we will be restricted to a very limited area that we can hike in, more or less, private property.

The choice is yours.

You do not EVER have to join with any other folks to go hiking! But you DO need to join with us to preserve what we have enjoyed in the past.

And that is: Access to the National Forests, and access to the wilderness.

It is simply, that simple.

Larry Robinson
President, NAPgA

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I forgot to mention that Larry had posted this on a couple of other sites, namely the yahoo groups site and the NAPgA site. I read it and thought that it would be appropriate to post here on this forum.
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