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Microscope advice

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Thinking about asking Santa for a microscope this year......mentioned to Santa that I remember someone recommending a particular slide for counting eggs......Santa, knowing a thing or two about microscopes wanted to know more about the slide as it makes a difference on what microscope to buy.

Would love advice/information from those already doing their own fecals on what they use/recommend.

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I got mine on amazon ...I think it's a celestron , digital, and was around 110.00(?). Do a search on TGS and there are some mentioned and recommended. I just went with what others had :)
Um, as far as slides go, there is a specific kind that some will use called a McMaster slide. This has a grid that can be used for egg counting, but I saw that when my vet and another one did a count they just used a regular slide with a glass cover slip to see how many and what type of bugs were in there.
As far as the microscope, I am not sure of a specific web site but I do know that it doesn't have to be a high end one.
Thanks everyone......and McMaster slide was the name I was trying to remember.....
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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