Milarch Farms Kidding Thread 2018

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  1. Kidding thread for our farm!

    First kids today from Hibiscus one of our FF gave us triplets! Two does one buck.


    The buckling is the one by himself in the picture. I’m thinking the name Kardovan for the boy and Karnolian for the lighter colored girl. I’m not sure about a name for the darker headed girl
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    Awww, so cute! Congratulations!

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  4. Thank you!
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  5. Okay so I have lots of updates to share.

    First update, our sweet little baby boy Kardovan died on Thursday. We had an autopsy and he had a stomach bug so we gave his sisters some treatment and they are doing great and the other babies that will be born we have a paste that we give them as a preventative.

    Now on to the happy updates!

    IMG_6308.jpg IMG_6309.jpg IMG_6311.jpg
    These are the second goats to be born. They are triplet boys and the first one is Kato the second one is Kressida and the last one is Klove (starting to sense a “K” pattern ) The babies are now bottle babies because, as we found out, the mom has CAE and her udder is hard and won’t produce milk.

    Sorry for the crappy picture quality but the traditional one standing farther back is a buckling and his name is Kumquat, the one standing closer is a doeling and her name is Kiwi.

    IMG_6320.jpg IMG_6323.jpg IMG_6326.jpg
    These are another set of our triplets.
    The first one is a little girl her name is Kranberry, the second one is a boy his name is Kurrant and the last one is also a boy and his name is Kacao.

    These are the last set of babies we’ve had born this weekend. The baby farther back is a boy and his name is Klover because we got lucky with him. He was coming one front leg out head twisted back. After about 30 minutes of labor and no progress we decided to go in and help the mother kid. We felt around and after a while found that the baby was coming head back and it’s body was twisted sideways. Finally after lots of rearranging (mind you this was at 1 in the morning) we got his head out and pulled him out, he is doing very well! His sister on the other hand came right out and needed no assistance, her name is Klementine.
    Other than that kidding season has gone pretty smoothly and i’m hoping our next 6 does will also kid easily.