Milk doe dropped milk supply ... question

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    Jan 6, 2018
    so I bought a milk doe and when I got her home she gave me
    Night 1- 2 quarts that night,
    Morning 2- was the same 2 quarts
    Night 2- was just shy of 2 quarts
    Morning 3- 2 cups
    Night 3- 1 cup
    (Would not eat grain or any kind. This night gave her 5cc vit b complex)
    Morning 4- two cups
    Afternoon 4- 4 cups
    Night 4- 4 cups
    (Gave another shot of b12 complex... she ate on milk stand cleaned her hay up)

    My question being if I milk her every 6 or 8 hours) then but her down after a few days to 3x a day then worked her back to 2x a day would that cause issues drop milk supply down again?

    I understand does can loose milk supply when moved and or stressed out. I would not worry if she was not used to feed bottle kids.
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    Usually multiple milking should help increase and going back to 2 times a day really shouldn't hurt. Have you taken her temp or had a fecal done to include coccidia?
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  3. Bethuhrmacher

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    Jan 6, 2018
    Yes has never had a temperature checked each time for milking. And fecal came back clean today.
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