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I just bought a vintage Home Health Pasteurizer for my kids on CAE prevention, and am really excited to get to use it. I have an electric stove that is a real piece of crap - radiant heat, older. It takes forever to heat, heats unevenly (fine for boiling water though lol). I also bought one of Maggi Dans milkers last year but didn't have a doe to use it on. I plan on doing most of the milking, or my boyfriend Jeremy will do it. He actually is better at it than I am, and I think the does like the fact that he always has warm hands, and soft skin :love: However we do go away for rabbit shows on the weekends and sometimes others may have to milk for us, so I thought getting a simple hand milker could make friends and neighbors more willing to do goat chores for us while we are out of town.

If we have :girl: born this year, they will be raised on CAE prevention. The :boy: will be dam raised, as I really have no need to retain a grade buck from this breeding.

How does everyone quick cool their milk? Can I just pour the milk into an ice water bath and stir until cool, then refrigerate? Or is there a better method to use? I don't have a working ice maker in my fridge, so I will have to resort to trays I guess. Sometimes winter is a good thing, I could leave the trays (or any container) outside on the porch and by morning there are a lot more ice cubes than I could ever fit in my freezer. And then there is fresh snow too - ugh, maybe I'll have to get the ice maker fixed...LOL!

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and ideas!

Kelly :)
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