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    I know someone had mentioned at one time that in Alaska, you can not sell goat's milk, so they sell "shares" of goats to people and each "share" is worth so much milk a week.

    I am curious of the logistics of this. How a price is found for each share. Does the "share" holder have any control over the animal. Just general information.

    I have a gentleman that wants more milk weekly, and I have thought about increasing my herd to accommidate him, and a few more people, but I want to be the "owner" of the goats, but get them to help off set the cost of start up by "shares". But he mentioned that he wanted to pay the $10.00 a month additional to "pay her off" then she would be his. Well, that doesn't include feed, time to milk, vet care, minerals, medications, anything other then the original cost of the animal and what not and that is what I explained. The other expenses need to be covered also.

    How would you all set this up. I would love to increase the milk for them, but I am not going to loose money on this either.

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    What's it called when a farmer sells shares in produce? "Consumer, something, something" you pay a couple of hundred dollars (depends on how much the shares cost) then you go to the farm and get whatever is ripe at the time, sometimes you pick it yourself, sometimes they harvest it for you. But, you don't then own part of the farm, just part of the production. It would be the same thing with the goats. They don't own the goat, just part of the production.

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    It's called CSA community supported agriculture.
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    Here, in Colorado, we also cannot sell raw milk unless it's done through Shares. I'm currently learning how it all works since I want to be able to do this within the year.

    You decide how many shares of your goat you want to sell. Say you plan on a Share being worth a gallon of milk each week (some people offer a Share as a half gallon per week), and your goat gives one gallon of milk per day. Thus, you can divide her into 7 shares. You always want to keep a majority of the Shares yourself so you maintain majority ownership of your goat. Thus, you would sell three Shares of that goat. You could have 3 people buy 1 Share each or 2 people where 1 buys one Share and the other buys 2 shares.

    Each person who's buying a Share pays a one-time, up front fee of so many dollars. People around here charge from $25 to $40 for that one time fee. That fee is good for as long as that person continues to buy from you. They never pay that fee again. But, each person then pays a monthly boarding fee of so many dollars for you to feed and take care of the goat. Around here people charge anywhere from $25 to $50 per month with the majority charging $40 per month.

    You have a written contract that spells everything out including what you are offering to them and the care you give the goat, etc. This is a legal type document to protect both you and the buyer. I have one from a friend that is around 7 pages long!

    The people buying Shares never own the goat. They merely own a 'share' or portion thus getting milk. They are helping to feed and care for the goat through their monthly payment but don't have any other ownership of said goat.

    Here the person has to come to your property to pick up the milk. Although I know people who consider their truck an extension of their property and thus, will meet people in town and sell the Share from their truck. I haven't looked into the legality of that yet.

    Now, my neighbor was buying Shares from someone else who went out of business. So, she came to me and asked if I would be willing house and milk the goats if she purchased them. After several months of talking everything through we've done just that. I now have my two Alpine does that she bought and I milk them and take care of them. She helps me with feed also since I do the physical work. She gets a certain amount of milk per week and all the rest is for my family. I am buying one of the goats back from her so that she owns one and I own one.

    Hope this helps. I'm still learning about it all here. We have a website for the State raw milk association in Colorado that talks about all this. You might see if you have one there to help you.
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    here in arkansas you can sell 100 gallons of raw milk per month without it being illegal. But you have to tell the people buying it that it is raw milk.