Milk soap looks good.

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  1. My first attempt at goat milk soap - no water at all. Need to trim up my bars and today I ordered some molds so I can get really good looking bars. I used to make soap years ago but this is my first new attempt after about 10 years. Hubby used to help as I was kind of nervous about the lye but did it myself this time. Showing off! Hope it suds well. I personally don't add color -it is all natural. In the past I did honey and oatmeal but ground the oats to powder and have done colondula (spelling?) from my flowers Also ground up.

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    Beautiful! I can't wait to try all of this stuff. I already have people at the sheriffs department asking when I will have cheese made lol I'm like uhhhhh Very nervous about it all

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    It looks really nice. Great Job!!! :-D
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    Feb 10, 2017
    That looks amazing!
  6. Thanks for the comments - can't wait to see if it suds up enough after it cures. Was going to start another batch but got caught up in stall cleaning so will probably wait till the next rain day.
    I took all the sharp edges off with the potato peeler and rounded the corners so it looks better, I also read that polishing it with a piece of terry cloth after cured makes it look really nice. Will see.