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Milk tastes different all of a sudden...

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I got a nubian in milk about 6 weeks ago. The first month or more the milk was great but the last week or so it has tasted different. Nothing has changed in her diet and we still are very cautious about cleanliness. We have noticed any change in taste from our other goats milk.

I did just find out that she actually got exposed to a buck before she was sold to us. If she got pregnant would that affect her milk taste?
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Pregnacy should not chance the taste...but do stop milking her when she is three months along : )

Does the milk look good? no flakes or oddness? Try feeding about 30 cc of her own milk back to her a few times a day for a few days...if there is anything medical going on there her body will build antibodies to take care of it..

you can also feed some pine needles to help clean the flavor up...(no ponderosa pine however, this can cause miscarriage
Sorry for the late response. I read what you wrote the same day you posted and havent had time to get back on here and thank you. It was very helpful and your suggestions have helped! Her milk tastes great again!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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