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I have two does, one freshened on 1/29/21 (Second freshening, milked last year during first freshening), and one freshened 1/31/21 (Third Freshening, first time milking). The second freshener had great tasting milk last year during he first freshening. I recently starting using a simple pulse milking machine to milk both does. For some reason now the milk is tasting "musty", and has a strange aftertaste. Both does' milk is milked into the same jar, filtered, and chilled asap (within 30 minutes). They each had a buck kid, and are penned next to the does, but they are only 2 months old. Any suggestions as to what could be causing this strange flavor? Thanks in advance!!!
I would hand milk each doe into a separate container, cool and taste the milk. If everything tastes fine then i would think it is the machine and something you are either using to clean it or maybe lines not getting good and dry. If one doe's milk tastes off from hand milking do cmt test on it to make sure no mastitis is goin on. They can have mastitis and no other symtpoms other than milk tasting or smelling off. Are you using the same cleaning stuff on udders and milking things? Is it different from last year?
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