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Discussion in 'Dairy Diaries' started by TheMixedBag, Mar 18, 2011.

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    Oct 16, 2010
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    I was hoping to hold off milking her until a month or so into lactation, but the kids aren't drinking nearly enough, and every morning, she's nearly tight on both sides, so I've begun to milk her in the mornings, without pulling kids at night, and feeding what we get to the new doeling.

    Since I started this yesterday, I've gotten right at about a quart, both times, and the doeling's drinking about half to 3/4 of that per day. Think this is a good amount for Jenny to be producing, or do you think the twins aren't drinking enough? It won't take much for her to beat the top Recorded Grade doe on milk production if she does well this year, she's just got to milk over 3100 lb.

    As far as how she milks, she's a doll on the stand. Food or no, she doesn't kick, move or fidget until I'm done, which is a blessing considering I only milked her about 2-3 months last year.

    And yes, I have udder photos. They're both from when she was in with the kids, 2-3 days fresh. Any critiques would be good, it is only her 2nd freshening, but I'm looking at different bucks to attempt AI with her for next year. (Yes, she is uneven right now, both kids are determined that only one side works....)

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    Her udder looks really really good. Looks like she has good rear and fore udder attachment. Good for you that she is a dream to milk. Makes your job a lot easier.

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    She looks great! As far as taking extra, if her kids are happy and bouncy, they're getting plenty, the more you take the more she'll make.