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The metal ones I've seen were custum made by an old man with a welder,they could hold the big boys just fine.

They don't usually dance off the edge more than once, that is why a stanchion works well, they know the edge is there and have less dancing room.

My "stanchion" is an old kids picnic table and too short for the big boys. I also have an old wooden one, I could never put the big boy's heads through to the feeder, but had to tie them to the top. Pie solved that problem by ripping the head peice off once. Now I don't use it.

I need a metal one too.

Make sure it is long enough, just measure your goat's length and add for the head peice and feeder. No matter who makes it for you I think they can make it longer if you really need it, but you might not. You might need the head peice to be taller though as they are usually made for does, not big boys.

Charlie Goggin
Lightfoot Packgoats
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