Milking Stars?

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  1. pennylullabelle

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    Okay - so I know what milking stars are. I don't know how they are awarded or which registry awards them. Anyone?

    Also, I know what it means when there is a star and a number. For example, the dam to one of my does is ARMCH Lost Valley TB Infinity 4*D. So, she has 4 stars. But what does the "D" mean?

    How about when it says * followed by a letter, again an example is the sire of that same doeling is Rosasharn's TL Sitka Spruce *S. What does the "*S" mean?

    Thanks guys!!
  2. ProctorHillFarm

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    Okay I will try to sum it up simply:

    You have to be enrolled in a DHIA milk test program to earn stars

    AGS- awards *D which is a Dairy Star
    ADGA- awards *M which is a Milking Star

    Those are awarded to does only- and the Number in front of the star is the number of does in a row that have their stars

    Ex- a doe gets a *D (or *M) if her dam didnt have a star- then HER daughter would be a 2*D (or 2*M) and then HER daughter would be a 3*D (or 3*M)

    AGS and ADGA award bucks as well IF their sire AND their dam both had their milking stars
    AGS- *S for bucks
    ADGA- *B for bucks

    Did that all make sense?

  3. pennylullabelle

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    That was great, thanks!

    Doeling mentioned on the above post gets a star (I will be participate in DHIR) then she'll have *5....right?

    And her sire has an AGS star. Cool. I'm on board now :thumbup:
  4. pennylullabelle

    pennylullabelle New Member

    I believe you were one of the ones who helped me decide to buy the doeling. So thanks a million!!
  5. ProctorHillFarm

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    :laugh: You're welcome, can't wait to see how she turns out!
  6. pennylullabelle

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    You and me both. i'm breeding her this Spring for Summer kids, I can't wait to see her udder!