Milking through verses lutalyse-induced ovulation

Discussion in 'Dairy Diaries' started by FrenchFarm, Feb 7, 2010.

  1. FrenchFarm

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    Jul 25, 2008
    We have a doe that kidded last April and we are still milking her. We're only getting about 5 cups a day right now, although she might still be letting her nine month old daughter, who is due in two months, nurse. We are now trying to decide between milking her through and doing a lutalyse-induced ovulation. If we milk her through we would try and breed her as soon as possible in the fall. Have any of you skipped a breeding season and kept getting milk? We talked to the farmer at the farm where we breed them, and she made it sound like her production should increase as the days get warmer and longer, possibly to the level it was at last summer, but this seems hard to believe. We'd appreciate people sharing their experiences, or any advice you could offer.
  2. StaceyRosado

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    Oct 4, 2007
    you can milk her through -- production might increase with the warmer weather, increase vegetation (if she has access to it) and drinking more but dont expect it to be a super high yield. But I would think it is worth it if you need the milk

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    I agree with Stacey. Her production may go up...but it probably will not be a dramatic increase and will not be near what she was milking at her peak. Some goats are better at milking through than others and some goats won't milk through at all...they just dry up inspite of being milked regularly.

    If you are not happy with her production now, you may want to breed her. If what she is producing now is enough for your needs, milk her through to the fall.
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    I agree, I currently have a doe in milk, a nigi/pygmy who I retired as a breeder but wanted to continue milking her as long as she was willing to produce. She freshened almost 2 years ago in mid February the moment her production is 1/4 of what it was in the beginning but it's enough for me to have fresh milk on a daily basis. If you want your doe's production to increase, you may need to have her bred to re-freshen. Either way, you can always milk her for what she's giving you now and breed her in the fall.
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    Nov 30, 2009
    I milked my nubian for 18 months until I dried her up to be bred this year. She never got back to the peak milk, but she did increase again in the spring and drop down a little. I just looked it up, but my notes are less than perfect. She was making around 5 pounds a day through the second summer. I dried her up in early November, after going to once a day in October. At once a day she was still giving me 40 ounces a day. I am heartbroken right now to have no milk. Once she has these kids I'm going to milk her until she quits on me. I am not sure which of my other goats will milk through like that, but I'm probably going to cull the ones who won't. Or at least quit breeding them.