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For Sale - 7 Mille Fleur/Calico Cochin cockerels, bantams. $5 each, $30 for all.
All should have good type, all have yellow feet, they will not have black in the chest, which is what I am looking for, but otherwise will be nice.

For Sale - Black Cayuga Trio, very pretty birds. 1 drakes, 2 ducks Diverse genetics. $45 for the trio.

For - Sale - 2 buff ducks, $10 per duck.

All ducks lay and are younger then 2 yrs old, the Cayugas are last year hatches from purchased eggs and the buffs are either 2 yrs old from purchased eggs or last year hatch from the breeding stock from the previous year. Right now they are all molting and look ugly as sin, but once done will be beautiful again.

Prefer local pickup, I don't know that USPS will allow me to ship in the heat. Pictures available on request.
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