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    Mar 10, 2016
    Last week i found a little pony for sale in my area who i am very interested in in but to get my parents on board and convinced i know what im doing i just have a few things i would like to clear up. I have been arround horses since i was 9 years old but i have yet to have one of my own.
    I live on a 7 acer property witch is fenced of in to 3 paddocks and in one of them i already have my goats. I have my bucks and does in two separate pens and the does have a large chicken shed as there shelter. I live in Queensland Australia so we are just comming in to our crazy rainy season witch means that this pony will need shelter
    How much weather could the pony safely withstand beafore it really needs shelter? I see heaps of horses arround my area who have no shelter, just trees. My thoughts are that if the weather was supposed to get really bad i could move it in to the pen with my does so it would have acces to their shelter. But other than that it would have nothing at the moment.
    How much of what are minnis normaly fed? Could they survive on just gass?
    We have a lage grassy paddock that my dad is having to mow once a week at the moment because it is growing so fast. The horse would be in there and my main concern is to much grass.
    Would i have to give it extra hard food or hay or is grass normaly enough?
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    Dec 24, 2016
    Keeping minis and goats together isn't a good idea, they speak 2 different languages and could hurt each other.
    How cold is it there? Rain usually isn't too much of an issue if there is a lean two, but wind and rain can be hard on mini's.
    Mini's tend to get fat and live in obesity, the sugars in grass seem to effect them and a lot get laminitis. I would call a reputable breeder in the area and see how they feed. I feed mine orchard grass and alfalfa.

    Best of luck!
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    Jul 20, 2008
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    I agree, other than liking to kick, horses of any kind when spooked, will run first and ask and snort questions later. They do not care what is in the way. People and animals get hurt that way.
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    I have 2 minis that are living at my place until my dad gets healthier. The younger of the 2 chases the goats and are rough with them. The other one who is 6ish just hangs out with them, where he is the same size as the goats he often gets put up with them at night.

    I have noticed that both minis did put weight on this summer when they were just in the field with grass. It would be easy for them to overeat. I would watch the hooves, wet soggy ground could cause major problems.
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    Jul 31, 2011
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    I have both full size horses and a miniature horse in separate area from the goats. Sometimes the goats will free range and wonder into the horse areas but they interact fine for short times. When the horses start to run the goats exit the fence. Only my goat lots have solid fencing and the horse fields have either wood rails or electric wire fencing. I would not plan to keep them together but some times they can interact for short times of they accidentally get in the other ones lot or field. Hope that helps. Also if it is a mini or pony you don't want them to founder on too much grass.
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    Minis can founder really easy on just grass, they must be watched very close to avoid that. Almost better to dry lot them and control what they eat, founder is a terrible thing.
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    May 23, 2018
    Idk I guess I’m different than everyone else on this thread but I have my 4 goats, 1 buck, 1 doe, and two weathers all in one pasture with my Shetland pony, a Tennessee Walker, a thoroughbred, and 2 mini donkeys, we’ve only had a problem when the momma donkey had her colt but now that he’s older she’s fine and so he. They’ve never had problems since then and they’re all different goats, one of them is a fainting goat as well. They all have plenty of land but I often find them in a stall with the pony just relaxing.

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