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Mini Jersey bull for sale...located in NW Arkansas.

Listed at $800 but motivated to sell so open to considering all resonable offers. I have a new calf arriving soon and don't have the space to keep him separately. He is weaned but once his mama starts coming back into heat there is no way I can keep them in the same pen.

Bayleaf is a year old bull. His mother is a small Jersey (around 46" tall) and his father is a mini Jersey (see last photograph). Bayleaf currently measures 3ft,2-3in tall at the shoulder, and approximately 3ft3" in length from shoulder to tail.

He is the first calf from this cow, but his sire has produced many beautiful healthy calves. (Please note - I do not own his sire, but if you have specific questions regarding him I may be able to answer them for you.)

He is a strong, healthy animal - we have had him since he was six weeks old and he has never been ill. He was weaned at roughly five months of age. He has not been vaccinated or de-horned.

He has been a very calm, good-natured calf, but over the past month or so has become quite pushy...not overtly aggresive, but there is a dominant streak beginning to display as his hormones kick in. Anyone experienced in handling cattle would have no problems. Both of his parents are very docile, calm animals and are easy to handle.

He is kept with his mother now (after removing him for the weaning period she will not let him nurse) and has begun to try and mount her occasionally - unsuccesfully so far, but obviously I cannot continue to keep them together.

This would be a great bull for someone looking to breed and raise mini Jerseys or to breed with a regular Jersey to produce smaller calves.

Pics here or I can email them -

Email me at [email protected] or message on here! :)
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