Mini kidded... hard labor, but everyone is doing good now!

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    Oct 16, 2007
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    I have been so busy this weekend I haven't had time to tell you about Mini's kidding.My mom(my delivery helper) has been gone on a church trip all week, So it had already been a odd week. Friday morning Glitz and Mini both had lost their ligs. and were having some fairly close together contractions, though Mini had hardly any udder. I tried to explain to my dad that I KNEW they would kid in a couple of hours and that it was really important that I be there since they are both FF's and Mini didn't grow as much as I was hoping this fall. Dad never beleives me though... he doesn't understand, he thinks animals should just do their own thing then if something goes wrong you assist as where I prefer to make sure nothing goes wrong in the first place! Well anyways,Dad checked me out of school around 10 to go get my permit... turns out thier computers were down. Convinced dad to make a run to the house for a bite to eat and see how the weather was doing becuase we were supposed to get lot's of storms (really to check on my girls). Of course as already posted, Glitz had delivered her baby just fine, But Mini was just starting some stronger contractions and she was STRESSED! She finally layed down and NEVER pushed and her contractions were slowing down. She just kept crying though. After about 20 min. of her crying and (still no pushes) I decided to see what was going on. By this time it's thundering and lightning and pouring down rain. I got a finger in and low and behold I felt a hoof... not far behind a little head. I couldn't find the other hoof though. I was praying SO hard, dad heard me on the monitor and said he figured I was making sure God could hear me over the thunder. LOL. I was scared though. Mostly because I knew Mini was taking all this really hard. Well, as soon as i got my hand in she started pushing a little (ouch..) I couldn't get the other leg, there just wasn't enough room so I grabbed the head and that little hoof.I thought I was never going to that head out. Finally at 11:56 Mini's first baby was delivered. Mini just stared in space for a while, yawned a little but never once licked her baby. I tried everything.. put the goop on her nose... nothing. Got her up to at least let the baby nurse a little. Nope. She wouldnt have anything of it, she kicked and ran. Storm was getting worse; milked the ounce of colostrum Mini had and me and the kid headed back up to the house... the most perfect little doeling, red roan, a few spots, perfect little bell shape nubian ears, and a personality that by far surpasses most of the adult does. She's 4 days old today cute as a button, and boy does she KNOW she is MY baby. I've never had a house goat before and I just love her so much. She is just so sweet. Mini is doing good. Just like she was before. Milking a bottle day and night (hey better than nothing!). Just had to let you know! I'm posting her pictures as we speak. :) I named her Tempest.
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    Sorry to hear about the hard birth, congrats on the doe kid though!! :stars: :stars:

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    :stars: Congrats on the new baby girl :girl:
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    Good Luck with your Baby Girl!