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Mini Nubian cross with Fainter

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I am looking at getting some mini nubian does. Can I breed them to my fainting buck? I have a boer buck but I feel like he is too large of a breed? Any advice on crossing these breeds would be great! I am new to the goat world and have a mix of goats. I started with boers but I am thinking they are too large for me to handle by myself. I also want a better dual purpose breed which led me to the mini nubians and I already have a fainting buck.
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Female should always be the larger breed when breeding different size breeds.
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There are 3 sizes to fainters. The medium breed, the does are 60 to 80.lbs. The buck up to 150lbs. My buck throws 3lb to 4 lb babies. My Boer buck throws on average a 9 lb kid. My choice would be the myo if he is the medium or smaller breed.
I hope this helps you.
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