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mini nubian vs kinder- opinions please

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I just got back from the Vet and all my Nubian does are OPEN :(. My spring kids are just not getting the job done. It is prime breeding season here and I can not find a buck within 4 hours drive or for less than $359 dollars. That is more than I want to spend. I had two open does this spring and just can not take the chance of having them all open this next kidding season. I am considering finding a Nigerian Buck or a Pygmy Buck but wondering what others think of the crosses. My "goat friend" is totally against Kinder goats and did run Mini Nubian and Mini Manchas in the past. I am intrigued by what I read about the kinders. THOUGHTS???
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I have not had any luck selling anything really. I only had buck kids this year and the only one that I do not still have I gave away. So I really don't know. Would like to get some meat goats eventually (kinder) but also love goat milk and make lots of soap (mini nubian).
unless you plan to eat them i'd go with mini nubian, i hear mini nubians are also a dual purpose. of course mini nubians should milk more
Mini Nubians def seem to be more popular in my area as well .... we looked into them - plus you can register them with the MDGA.....
I have kinders, and honestly I wish I didn't, because they are decreasing in popularity. My friend and I visited the farm that first started the kinder breed a couple weeks ago, and even though I was happy with what I saw, neat place but I just want something that will sell better, not to mention bigger teat size for milking. They just are not as popular as before. Given your choices I would choose mini Nubians, they are a little more popular.
Around here mini-anything is hothothot. I have standard sized goats that i aim to cross for dual purpose goats (meat and milk) because i put meat in my freezer with them, but i also have a handful of mini nubians and i LOVE them.
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