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Ness is an adult and as big (tall) as she will ever get. Lowlines tend to gain weight well, so sometimes you need to watch how much they are eating or they will look like black ticks on toothpicks, kind of like ponies. Both of the pictures that you posted are of either lowlines or lowline crosses. Our newborn calves are about the size of the little guy in the first picture (roughly a healthy 35 - 45 lbs at birth); the second picture is of yearlings. While Ness is about 900 lbs. (I would need to get her hip height to see how tall she is, but she is about 38", give or take), she tends to throw smaller calves. Ness currently is bred and will sell bred for $2700, her bull calf (intact) is $1000, due to the availability of fullblood lowlines and the raising cost of grass-fed beef. I will need to get pictures.
1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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