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I have 5 goats that I need to sell. I put up electric fence and I just can't keep them in it. The grown does were staying in, but they recently started getting out too. I can't afford new fencing unless I sell the goats. They're in a temporary pen that I set up but the adult does are able to get out of that too. I have the following available. None are registered.

2 pygmy doelings
born 2/4/10
bottle fed and very friendly
one is polled, one is disbudded
$75 each

1 nigerian dwarf buckling
born 2/8/10
tiny and blue eyed
bottle fed and very friendly

2 nigerain/pygmy? cross does
born 7/11/09
very likely pregnant as they have been with a buck since early feb.
due in july and/or august
both are polled
bred to a horned nigerian dwarf buck
white with chocolate brown spots and blue eyes, TINY fit into a medium pet carrier for his ride back to the lady I bought him from.
$125 each

If interested please send me a PM or email at [email protected]

Apparently my pics are the wrong size to post here, so if you want pics email me please or seach under my previous posts..there are pictures in a thread I started.
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