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    WITHOUT going into the intimate details of the terrible things that MAY have happened, ten days ago our goats went MIA. Looks like they hopped the fence and have yet to return, we're gutted. The things people come up with are freaking intense. Cougars, stolen, bears, falling into a river to their own demise, you name it we've had it thrown at us.

    That said, has anyone had their goats go missing for a length of time and *gasp* return?
    We're GUTTED. They've been loose on the property before, we back onto crown land so it's all forest, we've been searching high and low, I've put posters up on every structure from here to the moon and NOBODY has seen them.

    anyways, looking for positive stories. They're Toggenburgs and there is only a couple of breeders here on the island so they'll be easy to spot. But come ON. Ten days and not so much as a lead? Someone HAS to have them I know. I don't want to know the theories, (getting a little sensitive to where they may be) I just want to know if anyone has had any return

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    So sorry all your goats are gone.

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    I'm sorry you are going through this!

    When they have gotten loose before - did they stick around? Most goats won't just take off from their safe barn/pasture area, they aren't very prone to wandering.

    Have you reported them missing to the police in case anybody else is missing pets or livestock in your area as well?

    Have you contacted the closest livestock auction in your area and provided photos? This would be the fastest way for a person to make money from them.
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    Oh the auction was the first place I hadn't thought of! Thank you! I have called all of the places mentioned, feed stores, police, post offices, IF someone has them they have seen our signs, I have a 'reward' offered and I am happy to honour that if they're found. I just want my babies back.

    I'll see if we have livestock auctions around here. Thanks for that
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    Oh, so sorry about your goats. :(

    I think there was a thread a while back (I'm having trouble finding it) about someone's skittish new baby goat who ran away into the woods. I think they actually found the kid alive and well a month later!
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    I am sorry about your goats.

    Contact animal control.
  7. whiskeybuzz

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    We got them baaaaa----aaaaa----ckkkk!!
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    Where were they?
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    Halleluiah! What happened!!!!???????
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    Thank God, I was so going...ugh..Bansil on the perps...unless they wandered off to gallivant with wood fairies and what not (I would :fireworks:)

    glad to hear they are safe....Here wayyyy down in TN USA...folks dont take to kindly to property coming up missing, especially "livestock"

    well except Andrious...he "mentally goes askew with his owner/servant, some guy named Bansil"
    It could be a wagon, an Isuzu or a space ship...even once a Pirate ship

    we are good and glad you got them back...try Cheerios...the honey nut kind, they like them
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    Nov 11, 2016
    Where did you find the goats I'm glad you found them!