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    For about 2 weeks my boys have had flaky skin, one loss the hair around his eyes......I have throughly cleaned their inside pen and treated for lice and mites and I have dusted the boys with sevin.......I have been going out daily and brushing them and then cleaning the brush......well, today when brushing my black pygmy I just happen to see a tiny, tiny red/brown thing on one of his skin flakes (how I zoned it on it, I have no idea)......I held on to it for dear life and ran to the house and looked at it under the microscope......wouldn't you was a mite, clearly!

    So should I keep up what I'm doing with the dusting and cleaning pen every 10 days or should I give them an injection of Ivomec? I just wormed them Monday for their fall worming with Cydectin.

    Thanks for the help in advance, Denise
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    If they were just wormed, I'd be inclined to use the dust or even a's not to have a "conflict" with the wormers. The ivomec would definatelyt take care of the external bugs, but try the Sevin or even a permethrin based spray until the Cydectin is out of their system.

    The one time I did see lice, it was with Angel not long after I brought her home. The Sevin dust took care of the little devils and no one else got them and I haven't seen them since.

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    depends on if they are sucking or biting lice if the ivermectin injectable will work so I dont know if its the same for mites. Sometimes you need to use something external. Have you tried VetRx down their back? I hear that works for lice. To get rid of Mites in the ears they say to use VetRx so I would assume it will work and its all natural and wont hurt them in any way
  4. Synergize is what you need. That will clear up there coat right away. One of the main ingredients is permethrin as well. Jeffers has it as well as any local farm supply. A jug has lasted me two years now and I love it. 10cc is all you up and down the back. After words you will see a coat like on the black and white buck on my home page. That was two to three weeks after him looking as you discribe. I have also treated two cases of mange with it. It works great.
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    Ok synergize the cattle pour on? Thanks for the info!
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    Thanks for posting the pic JD.....I am going to order it from Jeffers as my TSC didn't have it....I went ahead and injected the boys with Ivomec yesterday......I HATE INJECTIONS! they act like your killing them!
  7. Please keep in mind when you get this, it is NOT to be injected. This is a drinch/pour on. Just in case I was not clear on this.