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    Jul 23, 2010
    Ok first of i want to thank all of u ladies that help each one of us that r new or just dont know the answer that r needed to raise goats.Im one of them lol..but the questions and answer r just awsome to hear..i learn something new every day from u girls..somethings r covered here like the posting on the old wise tell on smelling the pole to determain the sex i got a good laugh on that one and it is a good one to know i have put some posting on here and i have lots of good responds and i have read alot as well so my end results it is not quit clear so if someone can help fiqure this one out for me again i sure thank u ...ok here is my thing by all the posting i have a nanny that is 1year and so months and she is prego almost their but not quit yet i dont know here due date but i would think she is ok this nanny wines makes faces moanes pick her food she still eats when she wants no undder still has er ligs i think and not posy so i think she is not their yet but now i know she will be a winder and that bad part of it is when she really cres wolf no one is going to listen cause every morning she like to prentend she is in labor...ok anwser maybe she has babys big for her or too many so is i increase her food that wont help cause then her babys will get bigger if i give her caulcium to help her then her babies will get bigger i want to help her so what would u do feed her her grain and still give her cauulcium or just leave her alone and just give her hay and and let her go out and eat by jer side or would i put her on a diet from the info i have gather here the babies grown the last month so if she can barley handel her self now how will she handel her selve if i keep feeding her extra feed adn give her the caulcium she needs can some one please help me on this...
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    Not knowing a due date really does make it difficult to try the usual "pregnant doe management", if you know she's pregnant...when was she last with the buck? That could give a ballpark figure as to "when" she will deliver.

    If she's not kidded before, her udder developement would normally start at 6-8 weeks before she delivers and get progressively larger the closer she gets... If she is still pastured with others including a buck, I would separate the buck and provide him a buddy wether or another buck for company, having the buck run with pregnant does really runs risk of confusion on his part and he may harm her. Provide a good quality hay and supplement with a little grain for now, up the amount once she delivers. Grain amounts vary with breed, my mini's get no grain til they are 2 months into pregnancy and then it's just 1 cup a day, backed off to half cup a day from the fourth month to delivery then upped again for lactation. Standard Dairy and Meat breeds would need a bit more than 1 cup but not knowing how far along your girl is makes it tricky. It would be safe I think to give her 1 cup a day til delivery as it's not a whole lot but still enough to give her what she needs.

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    yes it is very hard to determin when she is still with the buck he runs around with them all the time and no she has no undder at all but he arrived here in jan the last week around the 20 i have 3 does that deliver already and 3 that have not so i really dont know what to look for in these girls he lives with them in a big pen and runs the pasture as well i know he is trying to breed the ones that have deliver now but i really take him from them i wanted them to get breed till oct i have 4 nannys that house separted because of that reason im saveing them he needs to go into a pen by him selv the only two bucks i have r his sons they r 6 weeks old and i can not put them with him cuase he will hurt them i think ur rit when hubby gets home tonight i will bring him in and house him alone he should be ok rit...but i do kown that the 3 that r left r prego cause u can see movements on their right side and to day rebecca had no movements on side but only on the belly area and the rum what do u think u think she can be near she is my winer...
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    I would certainly remove him ASAP! any kids born he could breed and he could breed back the does who already kidded this is not good for them. Best to keep him by himself or with his sons -- unless he is aggressive then they should get along fine (though you will need to bring the kids to their moms to nurse a couple times a day since they arent weaning age yet - thats usually 8 weeks of age).
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    We have 5 does, 3 kids, and 2 bucks all in one pen. We've had our oldest buck for a month, and he's never mothered the nursing does, or the kids, neither has our young buck. The boys have only been interested in the other girls. We do have a pen set up to seperate in case we have too, but so far they are pretty laid back. I am home all the time pretty much, and I can see the entire pen from my windows, so I tend to watch them like crazy :)

    I do think though, that if your does are close to delivering, I would take the others advice and seperate 'just in case.'
    Depending on how laid back our buck stays, will determine how long he gets to stay in with the preggo girls. He's not aggressive <A big baby with them & Mr. Sweet talker LOL>. I think it really depends on the buck though and if you think he is harrassing your girls - hard to know if you aren't able to observe through out the day and night.

    Do you have any pics of your doe you can share? I'd sure love to see pics of her! What kind of goats do you have?