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My little herd has both, horns and dehorned, I want them all horned as we have predators here, black bears, mtn lions, bobcats, foxes, and wolves. And the wolves are endangered. I will have a guard dog, anatolian, akbash or some such, but right now its me, and the horns.

I found that my little Boer/Kiko doe has horns like stillettoes, so I put hose coverings on for awhile, held on with hose clamps, that worked until she stopped pushing others out of the way, which is all that she was doing, but they were like switchblades. So, now all is peaceful.

I have a Boer/Alpine weather with a good set of horns although he is less then 8 mos old, he has head sparring matches with the dominant doeling but its just head waving and capering around.

Mtn lions have been seen here so when we are hiking I will be wearing my .45, or would carry a rifle, I amnot going to provide a goat buffet while we are out.

All of next years kids will be horned and will keep them.
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