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We keep each does' kids (and her) separate from the herd for two-three days after kidding. For the next two-four days she and the little kids stay all the time in the night yard for the rest of the goats. That way the little kids aren't shoved as it were in with all of the others, as the rest of the goats go out for the day and the kids stay with their mum. All of our kids are bottle fed, so when the big ones come up to the littlies we can keep a close eye on them and lead the little kids around to make sure the older kids meet them but don't bash them. All of our goats are disbudded so there is not too much danger, but any unacceptable behavior from the older kids or adult does is quickly punished. I won't have mean or bossy goats in our herd and it pays off to train them not to go dominating the little bubs. By the time the little kids are going out with the rest of the goats, they are fully acquainted and already know who can't be pushed off their favourite log. :p
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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