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Mixing reindeer and goats

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Well, I says to myself. If they won't let me in the park with a goat, how could they keep out a deer?

So I started doing the research, and thought I would share in case someone else was thinking the same thing.

1. Reindeer are very much like deer.

2. Reindeer pick up diseases easily from goats. (Only if the goats have them, of course)

3. Reindeer easily reach 300 pounds

4. Reindeer cost 12 x's what a good goat costs

5. Reindeer need to be tethered at night and probably while you are hiking.

6. The more alike the animal is to wild animals, the less likely your local Fish and Game will be to allow you to bring them where they might mix.

So much for the idea.

Has anyone heard of a 300 pound aardvark?
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what about that housebroken yak you used to talk about?
Or pack pigs?
ali pearson said:
what about that housebroken yak you used to talk about?
Or pack pigs?
Hey now Ali,
Housebroken yak......that's my husband you're talking about.
;) Guess that would make me the pack pig.

I would consider packing a kangaroo. Would that be a packaroo.

How bout a Capybara.
ROFL, I was looking for a pic of a CAPYBARA thinking not to many folks may know the species and this is what I found.


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I looked into the capybara before I got goats. The one in the picture is small compared to what they get to be. Utah won't allow them in at all.
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