North Carolina Mobile Milk Pump and All Accessories

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    I have a barely used, incredibly nice mobile milking machine for sale. I used it one season (2016) and it has been properly stored and cared for since. The machine is currently set up for two goats but can be used on up to four goats at a time or two cows. It will, of course, also work on one goat at a time. Along with the vacuum pump and all necessary hoses, we have three milk cans/buckets - one is for milk storage only. One has the "pulsator lid" on top that attaches to the vacuum pump and the hoses that attach to the inflations; it will hold 35 lbs of milk. The last one is exactly like the one with the pulsator lid but has a blank lid and will also hold 35 lbs of milk. To make this a four goat system, all you need is another pulsator lid with the hoses and inflations (which comes as a set from the company we purchased this machine through). We used this machine with standard and miniature dairy goats, so our inflations are set up that set is standard-sized for your bigger gals, the other set is smaller sized for smaller goats. This setup actually worked out great because some of my Nigerians had huge teats that required the standard inflations and some of my standards had smaller teats or long skinny teats that worked better with the small inflations. My husband and I cleaned/flushed the machine's hoses, bucket, and pulsator every day after milking and did a deep clean once a week, which involved taking every little piece apart inside our kitchen and washing and scrubbing thoroughly with hot water and dish soap, allowing to dry, then putting it back together the next morning. The pump stayed well oiled and still has clean oil in it that can be easily drained prior to transport. I have a few other milking supplies (hand-milking bucket, teat dipper, strainer filters...) and a lot of cheese-making supplies that I'd love to see go with this machine. The cheesemaking supplies include a whole bunch of different shaped molds, a cheese press, a huge whisk, a couple of big pots and a big colander, and I'm sure more stuff that I'm forgetting about - all stored in big plastic bins with lids. I'd love to see all of this go to the same place at the same time! With that said - I'd like to sell all of it together for $2000, though I will consider reasonable offers. I know I have AT LEAST $4000 invested in all of this equipment. The pump and all accoutrements came from Parts Dept Dairy Equipment & Supplies ( I had nothing but the best customer service from these guys. They were incredibly, incredibly helpful. Once I got the machine, I had no problems whatsoever with it or the pulsator, or anything else. It's been good as gold! Although we no longer have goats, my husband or I can easily demonstrate how the machine works using a bucket of clean water and some common sense explaining.

    Here are links to the exact pump and bucket w/pulsator and accessories:

    IMG_5500.JPG IMG_5501.JPG IMG_5503.JPG IMG_5505.JPG IMG_5487.JPG IMG_5488.jpg IMG_5490.jpg IMG_5495.jpg IMG_5497.JPG IMG_5499.JPG
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    Wow this is my dream. Just can’t afford right now.