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Mocha Truffel

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Mocha is a FB doe born 2/20/11


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Wow , what a beautiful girl ! Love her rich color , so regal looking :)
She sure looks sturdy! Are you breeding her to anyone?
Thanks everyone, she is like a brick so solid
She is getting bred to this guy, and she is due to kid January 25, 2014, i'am hoping for some black since he is black and her dam and sire are black


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Very pretty coloring!! The buck has a really cute head. :D

A little hint for the front pictures... if the photographer could back up a little and hold the camera a little higher, you'd probably get a better view of the goat's front. And if the handler could set the front legs square so that they are straight up and down, that would make them look wider too. :) That's been my experience at least.
Wow, the buck is gorgeous, and I positively love the chocolate color of the doe. You have some really nice goats!
Good to know about taking pictures !
Crossroads boers - yes I wish my photographer would have been level with the goat and not laying on the ground :( but you know you can't have everything perfect, and she was being a squirm that day so it was hard to make her square
and thank you everyone for the comments, Mocha is one of my favorite doe's and this past May 2013 she kidding with a outstanding buck kid that looked just like her
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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