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Ok I'm not sure if anyone here likes McD's and what the deal is there, but I played Monopoly this year and am lacking about one of each. I'm asking b/c last year I found out my sister had Boardwalk and I had Park Place three days after the deadline - talk about plumb sick! SO I'm asking if anyone has any of the following places saved from their Monopoly travels - I will split 50/50 down the board as I've already got most of them ... so if you've got any of these, PM ME ASAP!!!

I need:

Boardwalk for a $1 mil grand prize
Kentucky Avenue for a $10k prize
Tennessee Avenue for a $5,000 prize
Pennsylvania Avenue for a $50k prize
Ventnor Avenue for a $25k prize
Virginia Avenue for a $1k prize.

It's a fat chance, but after last year I just had to ask! :)
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