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    Oct 10, 2007
    Need a good plan for Choppers, as she is for sure going to deliver in a month or less. She was a bottle-baby from the beginning, and really liked people. After her first breeding attempt a year ago, she did not get preggo. What she did get was totally skidding or anything touching her tail or udder.

    Her udder is now dropping, and I'm concerned that she will be the worse Mother goat ever. When we come in the pen, she even strays away from us right now.

    Should I expect her NOT to accept her kids, or can things change for the better. Will her motherly instincts kick in? Just preparing for the worst.
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    You never know but I would like to say that she will be fine. My doe was the same way except she was never friendly towards me. As soon as she went in labor I was not aloud to leave her side or she went nutts. Now she is a good mom and I can even touch her udder with out her flipping out on me. The kids are getting big and she is being a great mother. I hope the same goes for your doe.

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    Always be prepared just in case. You never know what to expect but I'd definately give her a chance & see what happens. She may surprise you & be the best mom. Good luck!
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    When they are first timers...even if they stand off...they do start mothering skills ...some get it right away... make sure she licks each kid ....that is bonding( if you = see that is a very good sign) others may need to be tied up and taught....Make sure they lick their kids first..after she is doing this for a little while...her udder will be tight and sore.... milking some out... into a 12cc syringe ...helps to relieve some of this on each side.. to insure that the teat plug is open...feed that colostrum to the kid(s) slowly at the back corner of the mouth.... without the needle of course... :wink: ....... then with patience... teach the kids to suckle...but make sure.... mom is tied... with her head lose enough so she can smell the baby...otherwise she will fight you even more.... She should be OK... just teach her.... :hug:
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    I had a sheep that was a bottle baby. And she was the best mom out of all of them. So, you never can know!
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    Jul 13, 2008
    As long as you are prepared I think mom will do just fine. All my girls were first timers last year and it is amazing their instincts do kick right in. Also the babies instincts kick in too, bumping at momma's udder like there's no tomorrow! Sometimes the babies get the wrong end at first, but they're quick to find the right place.