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Moose pics

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Here's a couple of pics a friend took of my buddy Moose, and the place we hiked that day.

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Moose is very handsome. I am a little partial to the oberhasli. They are the perfect goat.
IdahoNancy and the Oberpackers
Cache Goats said:
What type of saddle are you using?
It's an Owyhee aluminum saddle.
Moose is a very handsome guy Jeff !

Great color in those pics, looks like a great area to be out and about in !

How old and how big is he?
His 5th birthday was in March. He's about 180 lb. He's my smallest packgoat. The others (who are part Saanen) are 220 +.

But he has a great attitude and personality.

This pic shows what he's made of.

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I do love Moose. What a gorgeous goat he is! Love the tongue! :lol:
Attitude and personality carry a LOT of weight.

Great pics !
You gotta love those beautiful Oberhasli boys.


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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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