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    Jun 26, 2008
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    got a website!! well... made another website on bravehost for the bunnies.

    ok back to the beginning.
    yesterday was my first show with the tans, i showed one doe ( maneater) and lmy little sister showed the other two does in youth.

    first show nothing much happened, won our classes and that was it.

    second show maneater went first place, best of variety, and then best of breed out of 25 animals. she got another leg but not the one she needed to finish her championship

    in youth our senior doe RS1 aka ( ol lady) took first, variety and breed too, but only out of six. but it was enough and she got her last leg for her championship. so i had her registered( they don't have to be to show them, but to grand you register an animal over 6 months)

    so i'm doing really well! our first two litters are due march 28th out of TR3 and RS1.

    we also changed our herdname, because someone else is using SDK now. so now it is Widow Haven rabbitry.

    our website is in "the workings" but i have about half our stuff up
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    Oct 4, 2007
    congrats! site is looking good :thumb:

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    sounds like you are doing great with the rabbits......congrats.... :wahoo:

    site looks real good...great job... :thumbup: