More Groovy Minis!!!

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    Jul 21, 2011
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    So Dear Claire had her first kids today. She was very thoughtful and waited until I had had my lunch and had given Angus his bottle.

    It was a textbook delivery and she gave us a buckling (that makes EIGHT bucklings this year!) Annnnnnnnnnnd a beautiful doeling!!!!!!

    Claire's udder is absolutely amazing - so soft and easy to milk! She's going to be a joy to add to the milkers!

    OK, enough talk. The babies don't have official names yet. But we're using "Booger" for the boy and "Boo" for the girl as "working" names while my daughter ponders the possibilities.

    These two are 75% Nigerian and 25% LaMancha. Booger is the elf-earred black & white. Boo is the upright-earred black. They both have blue eyes! IMG_5428.jpg IMG_5421.jpg IMG_5422.jpg IMG_5424.jpg IMG_5426.jpeg
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    Looks like salt n pepper to me! Lol lol
    Very cute! So awesome. Glad all 3 are doing well! Enjoy the snuggle time. Its always my favorite time!
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    Love them...congratulations
  5. So adorable!! Congrats!
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    Jun 27, 2018
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    Congratulations! Glad all went well!
    And you finally got your doeling!
    Very cute!!:inlove:
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    They are so adorable. They remind me of little gremlins.
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    Congratulations! They sure are cute!
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