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More piggy questions!

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Sorry for my flood of threads, I just got my first piglet, Bentley, and I want to make sure I'm doing everything I can to make him happy and healthy!

How much should I be feeding him? He is a Juliana/mini potbelly and right now weighs around 5 lbs. (best guess).

Do pigs get lonely being the only pig? He lives with my 4 kittens. They love him and are constantly going in and out of his pen, sleeping on his crate, and going into his crate with him. He seems to like them as well. One of the kittens even accidentally jumped on his head while he was eating and it didn't seem to phase him.

Would it help him get used to me quicker if I put a shirt with my scent in with him?

Do pigs like toys? What kind?

He came with his harness. Do you walk a pig like you walk a dog?
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How old does he look?

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No guesses on how old he is but here is a picture of my 3 week old pure Juliana for comparison.

Vertebrate Dog breed Mammal Felidae Fawn


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OMG! They are so stinking cute!! I tried talking hubby into getting one when it was on nextech for free and he wouldn't. Boo.... I never see our potbelly playing with toys so not sure on that one. He's probably ok with being an only since you have him in the house and he has the kittens. Our potbelly is the only pig and he lives with the goats or geese.
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