More Ranting...Grrr.

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    Is it awful I come on here to rant sometimes? Lol. It just feels good to get it out.

    I sold one of my bottle wethers today. The girl drove something like three hours to get him. I was supposed to meet her at noon but was running ten minutes late. My husband was supposed to have her wait for me to get there before taking him home as I needed her to sign a contract and give her feeding instructions, etc. but she said she really had to go and he let her take him. Gah! I even emailed her a contract which she claimed to have printed and signed but she didn't leave it here!

    So now she has agreed to mail me the signed contract, but she is claiming she noticed he had fleas as soon as she left. I have never had a goat with fleas or heard of anyone having a flea problem with their goats. Mites or lice maybe, but not fleas. I went out and checked his brother all over, who he has been with since birth. Not a flea on him, or any other insect for that matter. And they should be easy to see on him as he is brilliantly white all over. He had some specks of dirt, but they were just dirt...definitely not moving and definitely not a flea or any other insect. The insinuation that I don't take proper care of my goats or sold her an "infested" kid just pisses me off. Lol.
  2. Sounds like you need a hug. :hug:
    I am sorry to hear of your troubles. Don't feel bad. It says more about your buyer's integrity (or lack thereof) than yours.

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    It's okay to rant :hug: You've done a good job in keeping the buyer anonymous too :thumbup:

    I hope that everything works out for you :hug:
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    i just had a similar experience
    a lady begged me for 2 does
    i gave in and sold them and even delivered them
    within 30 min of having them home she had a vet there
    supposedly one had to be tubedd
    they both had highly contagious upper resp infections
    lice, mites, etc
    she said her vet bill was over $300
    i flipped out
    called my vet and had my entire herd checked for everything
    including the 4 babies that had just been weaned from those 2 does
    there was lice but not bad
    the vet said we caught it in the early stages
    not a single one of them even had a cold or runny nose
    want to see my vet bill for 20 head?
    he did worm the herd for me as it was about that time and i havent bought my wormer yet and as long as he was here...
    she sold them that night to her neighbor because they were more experienced and she could not handle the stress
    then she went on to threaten me with slander?...
    i give up...

    (you are right - feels good to get it off your chest - thanx y'all)
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    I had a somewhat similar incident.

    I had three kids that a gal bought. She emailed me the next day saying she had to take them to the vet and they all were "very sick with high temperatures and my vet put them on antibiotics." I'm just thinking...what in the world...I told her I hope your vet knows what he's doing because those kids are not sick. She lives in the i'm thinking...does your vet even know what a normal goat temperature is? Then I was sad and concerned for the kids because they weren't very friendly with people and hadn't been seperated from the other weaned kids before and she is driving around taking them into the vet and putting all this stress on them the day after they move. I had probably 20 kids at the time all were in great condition, utd on everything, and I haven't lost a single one or seen ANY signs of illness. I don't know what she was trying to do, but I wish that sale never took place...poor kids.

    Anyway, I tried to be as nice as possible in the reply email to her, but she definately won't be welcome to anymore of my goats.

    There are some real freaks out there and unfortunately when buying or selling anything, you'll be forced to deal with them every once in awhile. :(
  6. Just the stress of transporting the goats can make them susceptible to illness. It sounds like it is a good idea to cover your butt with a waiver or something before they leave the property. Anyone have ideas on how else to protect yourself from something like this?
  7. firelight27

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    Apr 24, 2009
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    Wow, at least my lady isn't being accusatory really. She was just concerned. Then she decided it wasn't fleas and told me they were white. I looked over his brother again and still haven't found anything, but he is bright white all over. Tomorrow morning I am going to look over my new doe particularly close. If they are white, it sounds like lice...and she is the only place I can think of that they came from if he honestly has lice(I got her two or three weeks ago, just about.) Will dusting work well for lice if they have them? I have never had any external parasites in my herd.

    In my contract, I specify that the goats are guaranteed healthy at the time of sale, and that buyers have the opportunity to have a vet check done before removing them from my property at their expense. If the goat fails the exam, they are entitled to a refund of any deposits they paid. However, I also state in my contract that I am not liable for any injuries or health concerns after the goat leaves the property as I can not control environment, stress, or any events that occur in regards to the animal once it has left my care. This sort of disclaimer should cover you, and offering a vet exam before they pick up the goat (they pay for it), ensures that they were given a legal opportunity to check it out and weren't duped into purchasing a sick animal.
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    Feb 6, 2011

    My hubby brought home a 3 day old and by the time I saw him a few hours later he already had pink eye and snot running everywhere. Hubby swears he wasn't like that at the previous place. I think just transporting them can make them sick and stressed out! Maybe if you sell goats you need to educate the buyers about shipping fever and illnesses that can be brought on by stress. then they are educated and won't freak out so bad when their baby is not tip top shape for a while.
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    That's a good idea... really, they should almost expect that there is a Really good chance that they will turn up with some stress related illness in the next 24 hours after taking them.... poor little babies
    It's just got to be hard on them....leaving mommies.. goat and human...
  10. sorry. I too have a contract that people have to sign before taking a kid, or adult for that matter! It's tough, and there does seem to be a few strange people out there! :shocked:
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    I've had a similar instance with a boer breeder. Sold two doelings to her and she totally YELLED at us for selling her goats with lice/mites that were wormy and starving to death.
    Yepp. I'm just the biggest animal abuser on the earth.
  12. toth boer goats

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    It's OK to rant... we need the relief ... :wink:

    Fleas.... :ROFL: Nah.. I don't think so...LOL Doesn't she know... that dirt isn't a flea....Oh my... :shocked:
    Dead or alive Lice... "if" your goat had them I am saying "if"....may look like flea's.... as well as dirt.... can look like a flea...if you don't know what you are looking at......
    Even if ....the goat had is easily doesn't mean we didn't give the goat proper care by any means......goats can get them...simple usually is... a part of goats life....
    if your goats just had dirt...then... my hats off to you ....and you are a very good care giver I'd say....she shouldn't have goats... if she thinks Lice and/or even flea's... are a major thing...she hasn't learned the basic's in goat care........
    now I'm ranting...LOL :doh: :hair: :laugh:

    If you feel ... your goats are bug free.....I'd tell her... to have a vet check the goat and verify.... that indeed ...that the goat she took ...had bugs..... :wink:
  13. Lots of good information here. My sales have been made strictly in good faith. I have not made a contract but it makes a lot of sense as it can prevent the grief of someone wanting to quibble with you after the fact and save a lot of bad feelings. Looks like I just gave myself a job. :type:
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    Jul 27, 2010
    When I get a goat I always put a powder on them to prevent any bugs, an iron shot, dymethox, and wormer. I wouldn't really complain to a seller about that... it's just one of those things, it's the buyer's responsibility to check over the goat (many things I have learned over the past year of goat trading, selling, and buying), if they buy the goat, they are obviously happy with it.

    Now if it was an unnoticeable condition then yeah, I would be pretty upset. But even through my year of experience, I have learned what to look for ...
  15. Well, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who sells "abused animals" to people that only notice it when they get home....I think we have all had to deal with these kind of people. It just amazes me how many of them there are out there! Oh jeez, I'm ranting too. :)
  16. Lexibot

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    Jul 27, 2010
    No one has complained really about the goats I sell. One guy did say he lost money from a wither at the sale barn because the thing wouldn't leave his lap. He said that wasn't my fault though, just the crowd's. I sell my withers to him when I get "packaged deals" to build my herd of does.