Mother needs SD harness... fundraiser questions

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    I am training our dog Apollo to become my moms service dog. I started looking into how much a mobility harness is going to cost and the one I found for them is currently out of our price range. It is going to run about $600. Does anyone have any ideas how we can raise the money to get them the harness. Her insurance doesn't cover SD supplies.

    This is a link to the harness maker
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    Apr 20, 2010
    Do you have any saddle shops in your area? Or someone that works with leather and nylon horse harnesses? We have a giant flea market/trade day and it has a couple of folks that do some custom made harnesses. (goats, mini horses) Someone like that could probably come up with a better price or they may be able to point you toward someone who does.

    As for fund raisers, you could do a church bake sale, cake walk, crafts. Maybe like a fall festival. If you have a nice goat that is people friendly, offer to take pictures of your goat with a child for a donation. Do you make soup or get milk from your goats?

    I hope this helps.

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    That does help a little.